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Turn Words Into Traffic

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Turn Words Into Traffic

Every internet marketer should know how to turn words into traffic. First thing that should come into mind is writing effective and keyword-rich contents for your website. These are the driving force of your website and individual pages because the keywords are indexed by the search engines.

You can search for relevant keywords that are in-demand and profitable so that your individual web pages will receive higher amounts of traffic. You may use Google AdWords for free to check which keywords [relevant to your niche] have high demand. But if you want in-depth information including profitability, you can use the paid version of WordTracker.

Some marketers have a difficult time when it's time to turn words into traffic simply because not everyone is born to write. One solution to this is to hire a freelance writer to help you convey your message at a cost. Nowadays it is easy to find SEO content writers via job sites or you can open an account as a provider on several freelancing job sites on the net where freelancers can bid.

* Where can you use write-ups and how will people find them?

There are many venues where you can turn words into traffic and do link-building as well. You or your hired writer can open up accounts on forums and article submission sites to post articles or promotional write-ups that have links to your website. If you can generate more write-ups for each of your webpage, then do so. These write-ups and articles should point towards an existing webpage and it should be relevant- sort of a vague promotion to drive readers to your site. You webpage will get it own traffic via search engines and when other readers post your webpage's link to their sites, blogs and forums.

Speaking of forums, you can use your signature or link section to lead people to your website. But this doesn't come easy as you need to earn their trust and your credibility. So turn words into traffic by posting relevant, informative and helpful comments that will wow the forum members. However, do not be a sell off and never promote your business or site on the forum threads. Same goes for blog comments. Your user ID there are a commenter is also a hyperlink to your website so when people find you interesting, they'll hover their mouse pointers onto your user ID and will see your website's URL on the bottom left of their screens.

Building your credibility to your potential audience should be your first goal when you decide to join forums, blogs and also other websites that can leverage your writing. Expert marketers have used article marketing for so long and they know that net surfers want information more than anything else. By taking note of that fact, you should be able to come up with various write-ups for different venues that you use to promote your website.

Turning words into traffic is just one strategy that you can use to drive more potential clients to your website. And this strategy alone can help you reach out more visitors as you join more forums and blogs, and post more write-ups to several article submission sites.

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