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Targeted Web Site Traffic

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Targeted Web Site Traffic

Getting targeted web site traffic is a bit different from getting just any visitor to your website. If you have a site that offers specific product or service, you will need to target the right audience in order to get potential conversions from your traffic.

* You will need to follow some essential steps in order to succeed at getting targeted web site traffic:

(1) Identify the appropriate keywords to use

It is a good start when you know which keywords to use and that are relevant for your website's main niche/interest. You should also look for keywords that most people are searching for which are relevant to your business, products and services.

Generally, it shouldn't be difficult to get targeted website traffic if you plan it well. You may use keyword search tools such as Google's keyword tool which is free or if you have the budget you can use WordTracker to help you identify the right keywords that are in-demand and profitable.

(2) Optimize your website

If you are planning to use paid traffic, you still need to consider optimizing your website to lessen your per click expenses. Free targeted traffic can be achieved if you have an optimized site. This means that all of your site's pages should have proper keywords that relate to your site's main interest. Having sub-keywords can also help optimize your site by putting them per page instead of just focusing on main pages or just the homepage. Don't forget to use specific keywords because using broad keywords might not help your site and/or products to stand out and get targeted traffic.

(3) Planning to increase your targeted web site traffic

Pay per click is a faster way to gain website traffic and you can also build your list of potential clients [visitors at first] by offering an auto-responder which you can use as a marketing technique. You can also collect contact information from your visitors and make follow-ups and offers to those who have expressed their interest in your products and services.

Of course, you will need to do other things in order to increase your site's traffic. One important thing to remember is getting exposure to potential visitors and clients, and this is where you can build your strategy.

With that said, here are some ways in increasing your targeted web site traffic:

- Writing and using keyword-rich articles

Article marketing is one of the popular strategies that many online marketers use in having their websites exposed to readers, surfers and potential clients. Submitting these articles to article sites can increase your site's back links.

When writing your articles, it is essential to provide the appropriate keywords that are associated to your website's niche/interest. Using sub-keywords also helps increase searchability of your articles and website.

- Joining and being active in online forums

You need to look for forums that are relevant to your niche/interest in order to get the right people to visit your site. You need to adhere to the forums' policies and show respect to the community because a bad forum member can get banned.

You don't have to do some hard selling or promoting since most forums allow members to add their signatures to their profiles as well as links to their websites. The idea is to be a relevant member without pushing your business too much and just let it speak for itself and make the other member become curious of who you are and what your offer.

- Blog posting

This is similar to forum posting only that you don't have to be a member in order to post your insight or comment to a blog post. Look for blogs that are relevant to your niche/interest and make sure to post your comments that are relevant to the topic at hand. In other words, be helpful to the readers by giving your best insight.

- Reciprocal linking

The right way to do this is to link to a similar website. But be responsible enough when it comes to looking for and linking to the website that you'll find. Link-exchanging is successful when you are on the right category and the websites you link to are also on the correct category.

If you are thinking of getting targeted web site traffic, you may want to try a product or system that can help you do it the right way. Mo Latif's Rapid Mass Traffic is a system that has step-by-step guidelines, a primary e-book [contains 180 pages of web traffic generation techniques], coaching and software applications. Visit the Rapid Mass Traffic website for more details.

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